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Will you photograph at my studio?
YES. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the NYC area, but I do charge a transportation fee and require certain minimum job sizes. My transportation charge is basically the cost of car service (Lyft) or cab fare to get from my studio in Gowanus to your studio. This usually ranges from $35-80 roundtrip, depending where you are. Usually if you have just a few works, it's more cost effective to bring the work to my studio.
Is your quality really worth it?
YES! In the pre-digital days, this was a no-brainer. Unless you were good with exposing and processing slide film, you were certainly better off letting a professional photographer handle this. But now that digital is here, the value of professional photographyis harder to discern. If you are technically inclined and anal about composition, lighting, and your Photoshop work, you can probably get by photographing your own work. But if you are selling your work, reproducing it in a catalog, or submitting it for review, you really want the best quality you can afford. Hiring me is a relatively cheap way to get access to 17 years of experience and $25,000 of professional photo gear—the best digital backs, the sharpest lenses, the best quality of light—plus I take care of all the tedious image processing, which is the least fun part of the process. Just to show you the difference in quality, have a look at the comparison below. On the left is an image photographed with a pro-quality point and shoot camera (Canon S90) which costs roughly $400, a camera likely to be better than what you own. On the right is the same painting photographed with my calibrated lighting, a $5000 digital camera back, and an $1800 lens. At the small size, the quality difference is already obvious, but when you zoom into the pixels, you clearly see what you lose: the DIY method loses a lot of tones, contrast, sharpness, and surface detail. Click either image to see the side by side comparison in a big image. Painting courtesy of Matthew Myers.
What types of files do I receive?
Each photographed work will be represented by 7 different files:

  • 16-bit Tiff: the highest quality image file, useful for changing tonal values and other significant changes
  • 8-bit Tiff: best quality, ready to go for print use.
  • High-resolution Jpeg: slightly less quality than 8-bit tiffs, but a third or smaller file size
  • Email/web Jpeg (750 pixels x 750pixels): ready to go for your website or to send in an email
  • NYFA-sized Jpeg (1240 pixels x 1240 pixels): a common jpeg size for digital projectors used in many competitions
  • 2048-px Jpeg (20480 pixels x 2048 pixels): pretty much the largest jpeg you'd ever put on the web, useful as a master file for creating custom sizes of jpegs.
  • PNG file (750 pixels x 750pixels): the best web quality file type, but usually around twice the filesize of the email jpeg, good for artwork that has very subtle colors and/or fine detail.

The TIFFs and high resolution jpegs are saved with an Adobe RGB color profile, while all the other files which are meant for computer screens are embedded with the sRGB color profile. All files are uploaded to my Dropbox for convenient download on any device. And for a nominal charge, you can get all your files on a Mac/PC USB stick drive, with a color thumbnail sheet.
Can you title my files?
YES! Normally, I label the files by the date taken, your name and a sequential file number: 20121015_First_Last-01.tif. But if you can provide me with a text or Word file with the exact titles you'd like me to use, I'd be happy to do it for you, for a nominal fee.
I'd like an image to have movement or be a composite of two images. Can you do the PhotoShop work for me?
YES! I can do almost any photoshop imaging for you, including changing colors, montaging several images, creating a gif animation, etcetera. I charge a basic retouching fee for this which is based on my time. Simple imaging projects can be done for as little as $10 or $20. Also, if you need final jpegs at a special size, I can do that for you as well. Contact me if you have any special needs.
My paintings look different in real life from the way they look on screen. What's wrong?

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